• What exactly is Paranormal Traffic?

    Traffic exchanges are online services where web site owners trade traffic.
    Other members of Paranormal Traffic will view your web site when you visit the
    sites of other members.

  • So how do I get started with Paranormal Traffic?

    Click 'View Ads' on the members area menu to start viewing sites from other members.
    You will earn ad views for every site you view.

  • Can I sign up for more than one account?

    No. You are allowed only one account. Signing up under yourself in an effort to obtain additional advertising is considered theft. You will lose all accounts and all advertiding.

  • Are there other ways of getting hits to my sites besides surfing?

    Yes. You can buy advertising.

  • I live outside the U.S. Can I still sign up for a Paranormal Traffic account?

    Yes. However, your websites will have to be written in English. I'm sure you can understand that it would be a waste of everybody's advertising if members can't understand what your website is all about.

  • Can my website contain more then one pop-up?

    Only one (1) pop-up window is allowed per website. This also applies to pop-unders. Some affiliate programs use multiple popups. If you're promoting one of these programs, your site will not be accepted. Moreover, we do not allow MS window-type popup or alert message boxes, such as those generated by software like "Opt-In Generator". These are separate windows that need to be closed before you can continue surfing.

  • Can I use Fly-In-Ads?


  • Can I use Slide-In-Ads?

    Yes. They're okay because when the site leaves, they leave too. Whereas, fly-in-ads are a separate window that has to be closed before continuing your surfing sessions.

  • Basic Rules That Must Be Followed

    Remain courteous with each other and the admin. When using community chat while surfing do not be annoying. Do not talk trash on the community chat. Do not put other people down. Do not put their business down. If you can't follow the rules I will ban you. Paranormal Traffic is a positive place to be, if you're only going to be negative, we don't want you.

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